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Welcome to I Love Indie's discussions forum!  Inside this blog we'll be featuring articles from experts in the independent music arena.  We'll be talking about everything that applies to an indie musician from creating your own business to the pros and cons of getting help from managers and labels. We're a fan of Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS), so our articles will be written in an easy-to-understand format and will invite questions from artists everywhere.

What to consider before choosing a band name

Once you've gotten your talents and crew together, you will most likely be dreaming and pondering your band's name. It's inevitable - even a solo artist considers names.   CHOOSE SOMETHING UNIQUE! Of course your name should represent you, your ideals, and the sounds and styles you're hoping to create.  However, if your name is too commonplace, your road will be an uphill battle before you even get started. You will never rank highly in a simple search if you choose a name like "Banana". 1. Google your selected name I know, it seems so simple! We have featured over two hundred bands and artists over these years, and I'm consistently surprised at how few actually take this step. 2. Search on social networks I've found it annoying … [Read more...]